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About ANote Music

Discover the hidden value in music. ANote Music brings you the first true marketplace for buying and selling Music Rights. Our platform forms the bridge between investors and owners of songs. ANote Music is the startup who understood that the next big asset class is music.Our goal is to innovate the inefficient market the Music Industry currently is. A secure and transparent Blockchain technology allows artists, record labels, publishers and songwriters to become financially independent and get funds immediately which otherwise would be earned over many years.

Product Categories

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Entertainment and Content
  • Mobile Payments/Digital Finance/E-Commerce/Digital Currency
  • Other Consumer Technology
  • Software and Apps


  • ANote Music

Company Contacts

  • Marzio Schena (CEO / Founding Director)
    00352391993358 (P)
  • Matteo Cernuschi (COO / Founding Director)
    00352691901794 (P)
  • Grégoire Mathonet (CTO / Founding Director)
    00352621388206 (P)
  • Niels Hoorelbeke (Marketing & Business Development Strategist)
    00352661900902 (P)