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About Artilux

Artilux is a deep tech company that focuses on pioneering advanced photonic technology for wide spectrum 3D sensing and communication. With the fundamental technology breakthrough and collaboration with TSMC, Artilux has not only developed a unique wide spectrum 3D image sensor that acts as a new gateway to many perception AI applications, but also provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution in the field of high-speed optical communications. Artilux aims to be a vanguard for future technology evolution in mobile, autonomous driving, industry 4.0 and many more.

Product Categories

  • Drones
  • Gaming
  • Robotics
  • Self-driving Vehicles
  • Sensors and Biometrics


  • Artilux

Company Contacts

  • Norman (Director, Business Development)
    +886 3 5601100 #108 (P)
  • Mavis (Assistant Marketing Manager)
    +886 3 5601100 #196 (P)

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  • North America
  • Oceania and Pacific

Export Contact:

  • Mavis (Assistant Marketing Manager)
    +886 3 5601100 #196 (P)
    +886 3 5601200 (F)