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1st fl. HyungWoo bldg. 28 UnNam 9-gil
Robo Risen

South Korea


(p): 0269562237

About Robo Risen

Robo Risen developed an unique singular module based robot platform called PingPong, which can create hundreds of robots with an easy assembly and provide an opportunity to enjoy fun activities at an affordable price. PingPong is a single modular robot platform. Each Cube has BLE 5.0 CPU, battery, motor and sensors. By combining Cubes and Links, the user is able to build any robot model they want within several minutes. Robo Risen solved many technical problems for innovative platform, making it possible to construct running, crawling and walking robots with a single module.

Product Categories

  • Education
  • Robotics


  • PingPong robot

Company Contacts

  • Daniel Park (Team leader)
    82-10-3524-7916 (P)
  • SangBin Yim (CEO)
    82-10-6808-5479 (P)

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